Thursday, April 18, 2019

Ms. Meg Must-Read: Critical Rave for Clarissa!

This is an unsolicited comment from my colleague who is proofing and Beta-reading my Ms. Megaton Man Maxi-Series manuscript (you can read the same chapters right now online): 
"Finished chapters 1-7 of Clarissa James' memoirs. Really enjoying it. From what I've read, I wouldn’t change a thing. There's the right balance of exposition and movement, and I find Clarissa's voice to be a perfect fit for the story. Keep it coming and I look forward to catching up on chapters 8-10!"
Clarissa's first flight as Ms. Megaton Man in an illustration in progress for the prose series.

For now, I'm not revealing the identity of this person for several reasons, mostly so they can continue providing me with invaluable unbiased feedback and not feel bound by any public statements they may later regret when subsequent chapters turn out to be turkeys!

My version next to the source, the Frank R. Paul cover to Amazing Stories, August 1928.

But everyone can provide feedback, anonymously or not, because you can read the same chapters online now (new chapters post every Friday 10:30 am EDT). Please comment on the blog chapters, here, or anywhere else you care to spread the support.

As Ron Frenz always says, Thanks for your support!

Gallery of Works in Progress:

Original pencil rough.

Pencil rough to another upcoming chapter illustration.

Tightened ink rough.

The Harry Parkhurst pulp illustration of The Black Bat that inspired me.

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