Sunday, September 8, 2013

Shakespeare on Allegheny Commons

Here are some shots from the Pittsburgh Shakespeare in the Parks production of Romeo & Juliet, performed on a luscious Saturday afternoon on the North Shore of Pittsburgh. The dappled light through the trees and the light, warm breeze made for a beautiful afternoon of outdoor theater, while screeching trains, barking dogs, and impossibly well-timed church bells added to the ambiance.

See my previous sketches of rehearsals: Part 1 | Part 2

Michael Mykita as Lord Capulet

Andrew William Miller as Romeo

Daniell Powell as Juliet greets a well-wisher

Director Helen M. Meade watches on as Charles Beikert, Andrew William Miller, and Bradford Sadler discuss Romeo's post-break-up blues

Three of my favorite photos of the couple being wed. Andrew, Danielle, and Ronald.

Nice color coordination by production designer Lisa Liebering (lighting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir)

Charles Beikert as Mercutio has at Adam Rutledge as Tybalt

Ronald Siebert as Friar Laurence

Andrew and Ronald debate the semantic implications of the word "banish-ed"!

Mike Magliocca as Paris waits in the wings

Gretchen Breslawski as Balthasar

Juliet laid to rest

Romeo enters Juliet's tomb

Jeffrey Chips as the scolding Prince of Verona brings the play to a conclusion

Some of the audience members, having chosen sides between the Capulets and Montagues, had to be kept apart as disagreements broke out after the performance!

Jeffrey Chips raises funds for more Shakespeare in the Park!

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